Positano retractable umbrella

Winter – The Best Time to Buy a Patio Umbrella?

Winter is almost upon us, so why would anyone buy a patio umbrella in the winter months?

Well, for people in the Southern States winter is the best ime to think about investing in outside products. As winter in the Southern and warmer states is the best time of year to enjoy the outdoors.

In addition many manufacturers are offering sales and specials for their outdoor products. So, you can many times get a great deal on a centerpost umbrella or an offset umbrella.

For people in the Northern States, although winter is not the time to enjoy the outdoors, it is also a great time to buy a sidepost umbrella or a market umbrella.

Stores in the Northern areas are looking to make room for the cold weather items and out summer seasonal items on clearance for great prices. So, even if winter does not seem like the best time to invest in outdoor products, such as patio umbrellas, think about purchasing your patio umbrella now and beat the summer rush!

The Bellagio: our Unique Italian, Retractable, Rotating Offset Umbrella on Sale Now!

This umbrella has many features as it also can be raised in a straight position and also tilted for blocking the Sun! Once closed it is out of the way and retracts in a straight position …. this being a great advantage for a restaurant especially in that there is no need to move the tables and chairs that are below!

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Bellagio retractable offset patio restaurant

The Bellagio has two crank mechanisms that control its movement and positions…… The first mechanism allows the umbrella to open as in the photo shown below and the other mechanism controls the canopy in that it raises it as shown in the diagrams below …. This is useful in tilting the canopy and blocking the sun in different positions!

Available in the following sizes 3×3′, 3×4′, 4×4′, and 4×5′.

The Bellagio is truly a unique offset umbrella and our larger commercial grade adjustable single side post umbrella.

Used for large patios and commercial applications, such as restaurant, hotel, or country club settings where the need to change the position of the canopy is necessary in blocking out the sun.