Poker Offset Umbrella

The Poker Offset Patio Umbrella

Okay the poker is the largest of them all!

This multi canopy patio umbrella features one central post, but has four umbrella canopies off of the main post!

The Poker umbrella is available in either a 20×20’ or a 26×26’ size. Therefore, the Poker 20×20’ has four 10×10’ umbrella canopies off of the main central post. This is a serious amount of shade umbrella!

Poker Offset Umbrella

The 26×26’ size features four 13×13’ umbrella canopies off of the main central post. This is one large patio umbrella! This is probably the best patio umbrella for a large patio. As not only is this a functional shade umbrella, this patio umbrella makes a beautiful statement!

Many restaurant patio umbrellas need to make a statement to “grab” the consumer and catch their attentions. Well, this is certainly the umbrella for that!

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Who is Italian Shades Corp.?

Italians Shades Corp. specializes in the design and construction of Italian-made offset and center post patio umbrellas for the commercial market. Based in the province of Salerno, Italy our name is synonymous with superior construction and quality.

Our commercial umbrellas are made with the highest grade materials available. All of our structures are customizable with regard to structure materials and canopies. Our umbrellas can be enclosed with optional rain gutters and side panels. Heat and lighting enhancements allow for use in inclement weather. Center post umbrellas come in a variety of sizes from 8 to over 26 feet! Our catalog and product fact sheets are available for download at For pricing, please contact us!