Poker Offset Umbrellas


This is one of our largest and most unique umbrellas. It consists of four umbrellas without the nuisance of having several poles. Having only one central pole maximizes your usable covered shaded area. Available in 20x20ft or 26x26ft which gives you 400 to 676 square feet of usable area for additional table space or shaded area. The Poker joins four square canopies that expand to 16×16 feet and all together can cover up to 1024 square feet. The structure commands attention with the finest, most sought-after options on the market today. Ideal for covering large square spaces, the Poker is designed to prevent rainwater from seeping between the canopies by use of a special drip-guard linkage system.
The entire structure can be easily taken down for storage during the off-season. Heavy dutysteel construction and all replaceable parts provide incomparable durability. Order extra canopies to easily change the look and color scheme of your patio, restaurant or country club.
This entire structure is handmade in Italy by artisans with extreme attention to detail. The canopy is constructed of “Tempotest” acrylic marine fabric, the European equivalent to Sunbrella. Vents in the canopy and wind bars provide air passage to allow for more stability in heavier winds. This umbrella features all replaceable parts, which makes this an umbrella to last. Add lateral enclosures and gutters as well as LED lighting, heaters and many other different options.


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