Colours Canopy offset umbrellas

Colors and Canopies
– Our canopies are constructed of an Ecru color “Tempotest”acrylic marine fabric, the European equivalent to Sunbrella. Colored fabrics in the “Tempotest” line are available as well as “Sunbrella” fabrics.


Heater umbrellas
Heaters – Ceramic type elements producing medium wave Infrared heat are ideal in situations where you are in close proximity to a heater. As the heat output is far less intense than the short wave version…


Vulcano LX with lateral side panels Offset umbrellas
Gutters and Enclosures – On all our Offset Patio Umbrellas and most of our other models the rain gutters can be used to provide continuous protection from rain or shine. They can connect several umbrellas together.


Double base offset umbrellas

Bases for Offset Umbrellas – All our Offset Patio Umbrellas come with a standard movable base where stones are required to keep the umbrella stable. Depending on the Patio Umbrella model a certain amount of weight is needed.



– Adding lights to the umbrellas increases the time that can be spent on the terraces enjoying the outdoors. The warm light provides an ambience that most people appreciate. We provide different types of lighting …