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Market Umbrella – Again, What Exactly Does this Mean?

Again, just to confuse the consumers there are many names for patio umbrellas! One very popular term is the market umbrella.

This simply means the post of the umbrella is located in the center.

Therefore, another term for this is the centerpost umbrella.

commercial beach umbrellas miami

These patio umbrellas used to be just small backyard type umbrellas, but now they can range up to 20 feet!!

Italian Shades Corp. last year introduced the Maxi and Supermaxi Centerpost which is basally a “Giant” Centerpost Umbrella.  The Maxi is our giant center post umbrella with coverage up to 20’ x 20’ under a single canopy! This giant umbrella features reinforced aluminum ribs and a steel center post, all of the highest quality. The intelligent telescopic system allows opening and closing of the umbrella without removing any furniture below.

The patented opening system is completely maintenance free and every rib is individually anchored to the “sliding crown” by stainless steel bolts. The Maxi center post umbrella is available in square, rectangular, and round canopies. 

In European countries these types of umbrellas are commonly called café umbrellas. As in Europe most restaurants and cafes feature these. So next time when you hear one of these terms, centerpost umbrellas, café umbrellas, or market umbrellas you can be the patio umbrella expert!

The defining characteristic of center pole patio umbrellas is the presence of a straight pole that extends from the top of the canopy to a securing base. It may be a single, solid piece or two separate pieces that are joined together. It’s important to note that center pole umbrellas may be stabilized by either a mobile or fixed base. This is the most common style of outdoor umbrella and it has been around for a long time. This type of outdoor umbrella can be effective protection against direct sunlight, but reflected or diffuse ultraviolet radiation exposure from the sides diminishes the overall shade protection. Within the center pole category, there are a number of variations.

    • Market Umbrella – This is the most popular of the center post umbrella. It has a round or octagonal shape with usually no valance. Some canopies are vented to encourage airflow, which makes the umbrella more stable in winds and cools the area below.

Prestige Market Umbrella for pool

  • Beach Umbrella – This type of umbrella tends to have a minimalist style. The canopy usually has a round shape with hanging valances around the edge. Many beach umbrellas utilize a simple spiked base, which is inserted into the sand.

commercial beach umbrellas

  • Half Umbrella – This specialized umbrella is constructed with one flat side, which allows it to be placed flush against a wall. It’s perfect for shading balconies or small porches that have confined spaces. Think of it as portable awning. Canopies are rounded or straight with clean edges, drapes or valances.