Bellagio retractable offset patio outdoor

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The Bellagio: our Unique Italian, Retractable, Rotating Offset Umbrella.

This umbrella has many features as it also can be raised in a straight position and also tilted for blocking the Sun! Once closed it is out of the way and retracts in a straight position …. this being a great advantage for a restaurant especially in that there is no need to move the tables and chairs that are below!

The Bellagio has two crank mechanisms that control its movement and positions…… The first mechanism allows the umbrella to open as in the photo shown below and the other mechanism controls the canopy in that it raises it as shown in the diagrams below …. This is useful in tilting the canopy and blocking the sun in different positions!

Positano retractable umbrella

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Available in the following sizes 3×3′, 3×4′, 4×4′, and 4×5′.

The Bellagio is truly a unique offset umbrella and our larger commercial grade adjustable single side post umbrella.

Used for large patios and commercial applications, such as restaurant, hotel, or country club settings where the need to change the position of the canopy is necessary in blocking out the sun.

The 2 internal winch mechanisms allow for the opening of the umbrella and provide many different tilting positions. It is retractable and can rotate 360’.

It is an esthetically beautiful offset umbrella which can suit in exclusive locations.

Ideal choice for you

The Bellagio offset patio umbrella design is stunning and represents the ideal choice for those who want durability without renouncing quality. Made with Tempotest Marine Grade material and guaranteed for 5 years … Also available in Sunbrella!

Who is Italian Shades Corp.?

Italian Shades Corp. specializes in the design and construction of Italian-made offset and center post patio umbrellas for the commercial market. Based in the province of Salerno, Italy our name is synonymous with superior construction and quality.

Our commercial umbrellas are made with the highest grade materials available. All of our structures are customizable with regard to structure materials and canopies. Our umbrellas can be enclosed with optional rain gutters and side panels. Heat and lighting enhancements allow for use in inclement weather.

Center post umbrellas come in a variety of sizes from 8 to over 26 feet! Our catalog and product fact sheets are available for download at

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